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Liver LUA puppy

This liver (brown) spotted boy will be ready for his forever home in mid-September.

He is a member of the Capra x Flo litter. He will be co-owned by Meadow Brook. If you are interested in a puppy from this litter, you can apply to us or to Robbsdale Dalmatians.

He is a pretty bold, adventuresome boy. He would make a good performance dog, who will probably enjoy agility, rally, or other dog sports.

Here he is at four weeks

You can see he has full trim (brown pigment on his nose and around his eyes).

His spots will continue to get larger and darker as he ages.

As you can see, he started with no spots (pictured below at just over a week old)

All dogs are born with their ears and eyes closed.

Liver spotted dogs may have blue, amber, or light brown eyes as adults, but their eyes start off blue (and stay bright, pale blue) or grey (and darken to amber or light brown). This puppy's grey eyes will darken over time. You can already see that the center of the eye, near the pupil, is already turning toward brown.

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