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Our most recent Dalmatian litter was born 26 August 2023.
We may have older puppies available. 
We have no Dalmatian litter plans until 2026. 

We have a planned Border Terrier litter,
which, if successful, would go home
late fall / winter 20
24. Fill out the application
(button above)
to join our wait list, or 

contact Cyndi Olson of Gusto Border Terriers to apply. 

We are always accepting applications for
pet, show, and performance homes.  

Fill out the application (button above) to join our wait list

We do not consider homes without completed applications.

Check out What To Expect for more info
Fill out the above puppy application to get
a future puppy or available adult dog from us,
or for referral to other breeders.

Click here for information on our puppies
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