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Coursing, or dog racing, comes in two basic forms for non-hounds.
Straight line dashes are FAST CAT and curving circular courses are Coursing Ability Tests, or CATs.


In both types of race, your dog chases a lure (usually a white plastic bag or a fluffy toy) on a string as it moves along the course. 

CAT and Fast CAT titles are earned by racing repeatedly until you earn enough points (the faster your dog runs, the more points you get). 

You can view the current fastest Dalmatians by clicking here, where you'll find many Dals run more than 20, up to almost 30, miles per hour. 

Capra has his FCAT title and runs close to 28 mph. Any dog can try this sport - any breed, no training needed - all you need is two leashes to release at the start line and catch them at the far end of the run!

Photos below by Mark Baer MLBaer Photography

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