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When are litters expected?

We carefully plan litters months to years in advance, and normally have a litter only every 1-3 years. Please fill out a puppy application to be placed on our notification list when we do have a puppy or adult available.
Puppies are matched to homes only after their initial health testing results (6 weeks) and go home at 8 weeks or older.

How much does it cost?

Each breed is different. Smaller dogs often have smaller litters and yet the costs are the same. Currently, our Border Terrier puppies are $3000, co-bred with and mostly placed through Gusto Border Terriers. Our Dalmatian puppies are usually $2000 depending on whether they are ours or a co-bred litter (where the dam's owner may set a different price). We do not distinguish between sexes, colors, show/pet, or other traits. 

Matchmaking puppies

Our puppies are matched to their future homes. Depending on what you are seeking, there may or may not be a suitable puppy for you in any given litter. We never want a puppy to end up in a home that's a bad fit, and you don't want a dog who will not be the kind of pet you enjoy. This means sometimes it takes longer to get the right puppy, but results in a happier outcome for the family and the dog. 

Lifetime commitment 

We are here for you for the entire life of your dog. We are here to help advise you, support you, and mentor you - whether you have an adorable pet or a top show dog, our commitment is the same. If you have questions or concerns we are here to help guide you if ever you need us. 


Our puppies are AKC registered and are eligible for UKC registration. We can double register your puppy if you prefer to compete in UKC shows or sports. Papers are submitted with registered names before puppies go home.

If your puppy will be shown in other countries we can help you register in those countries (e.g. Canada, Mexico). 

Health Testing

All our  Dalmatian puppies, after about 6 weeks old, have BAER testing and genetic testing (for at least LUA in Dalmatians and sometimes other genes as well) prior to placement in their family homes (after 8 weeks). Both parents will have much more health testing. Available adults will have age-appropriate testing such as an OFA eye screening or hip radiographs. 

Veterinary care

Puppies will have microchips and age appropriate vaccination and treatment for parasites - including a first dose of heartworm and flea prevention.
 We do not remove dewclaws. 

Available adults will have age-appropriate care including full vaccinations as well as periodic lab testing. 

All placed dogs come with full veterinary records.

Go-Home Kits

Each puppy comes with a binder which includes their sale contract and health information for them and their parents. It also includes training and socialization information. 

Owners will go home with some of the food their pup has been eating, a collar and leash, and some other goodies. 
Owners pickup puppies from our home near Houston, Texas, and need to bring a travel crate or carrier for pickup. 

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