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Our Philosophy

Here at Meadow Brook, our first priority is health: a healthy body and a healthy mind. We breed for conformationally correct, sound, healthy dogs with fabulous personalities who will be a welcome addition to any family. 

Dalmatians have long struggled with hyperuricosuria. For this reason, our breeding program is centered on breeding dogs who have one or two copies of the normal, or low, uric acid gene

In addition, we test for all the common problems of the breed (see our health page for details).

No dog is perfect - or at least, what is perfect for you may not be perfect for me. We strive to be fully transparent about the health, conformation, performance and personality of our dogs, so that anyone who wishes to own one of our dogs, or breed to one of our dogs, has as much information as possible for a fully informed decision.  To this end, we publish our dogs' health information on the OFA website.

We will not breed to dogs or bitches which do not have similar testing and transparency, or which do not meet our standards for health, conformation, performance, personality, and pedigree.

While we do sell the dogs we produce, we screen homes carefully and will take back any dog we produce at ANY time, for any reason, no questions asked.  Further, given the cost of proper health testing, acquisition of superior dogs, training and competing in multiple sports, and proper health care of the mother and puppies, the puppies sell at what is usually a loss compared to the actual cost of the dogs. 

Remember, each dog is a lifetime (hopefully fifteen or more years) commitment. Given the cost of ownership of a healthy dog exceeds $100 per month, on average, over the dog's life (usually closer to $200-300, including toys, training, and the like), the cost of a puppy is less than the cost of having the dog for a year, and less than one major veterinary bill.  Choosing a dog with fewer health risks and which has been carefully bred, socialized, and placed in the correct home saves money, time, and a lot of heartache.

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