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Here are some photos of the dogs we have produced (their mother, father, or both are Meadow Brook Dalmatians or Border Terriers.

Here at Meadow Brook, we co-own the dogs we produce. 

What is co-ownership?

It's a support network and safety net for the dogs and their families. It's a lifetime of support if you need it. 

When you, as a co-owner, are a responsible home, we  as the kennel co-owner are usually only required to be involved in a very few mission-critical decisions: breeding/spaying/neutering, re-homing, and euthanasia.  Most of what you do will not involve us at all, unless you want or need support.  

We will welcome pupdates - in person or line. We are always there to help.

We will help you find the resources you need for training and competition, for fun ways to spend time with your beloved pet, or to solve health or behavior issues which may arise over the life of your dog.   

If you have a show dog which is potentially genetically valuable, we will help you arrange health testing and determine whether it should join the breeding program, or be spayed or neutered. 

In the unfortunate event that you are no longer able to provide a home for your dog, it will return to us - where we will keep it for life, or pair it with another family. 

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