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Reputable Dalmatian Breeders

Looking for more information or to acquire a dog of your own?

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Located in Florida, this well-known breeder features LUA dogs with impeccable standards.  If you're looking for a stellar temperament, this is the place to go.

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A Fiacre Puppy

Located in Nevada, this breeder's LUA Dalmatians have sired litters all over the world as well as succeeding at home.  Capra is a Fiacre dog.

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Tim and a Puppy

Located in Texas, this experienced breeder-judge has top-quality bloodlines for many generations.

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Located in Maine and Massachussetts, these breeders' LUA Dalmatians excel in the conformation ring and in sports.

This list is not conclusive. There are many excellent Dalmatian breeders in the US, Canada, and around the world.  Depending on the type of dog you seek and where you are in the world, there are suitable dogs from many sources.

Local and national breed clubs are always a good resource for finding a dog. The Dalmatian Club of America has a website that can help you find a club near you.  If you're looking for a puppy, the DCA also has a litter listing page, where DCA members which are reputable breeders list quality Dalmatian puppies which may be available now or in the near future. 


A few quick guidelines on choosing a breeder: The breeder should speak to you in person and ask about your experiences with dogs, to ensure that you are a good home and that they can provide the kind of dog which will suit your family. If a breeder will assign puppies without knowing their temperament and hearing, or let you choose any puppy without regard to matching the puppy's personality with the right family, that's a bad sign.


Responsible breeders have lists of homes looking for different things (someone who wants a patched dog to lay around the house is very different from someone who wants a conformation and agility dog) and work to ensure that they match dogs well so that each pet finds a happy, forever home.  This may mean they have a long wait for dogs, or that they have a dog available now because the homes they have don't match the puppy they have. 

The breeder should be willing to tell you the flaws in their dogs. No dog is perfect (or at least, certainly not perfect for everyone). The breeder should be able to tell you why a dog is or isn't right for you -- for example, "The green collar puppy is too shy for agility" or "The purple collar puppy is really bold and energetic and won't be the laid-back dog you want." They should have health testing available (CHIC numbers on the parents) and be happy to discuss them.

Most responsible breeders do not charge different prices for different dogs. Many will only co-own a dog with their buyers in order to retain the right to prevent you from doing anything really ridiculous (such as giving them the ability to take the dog back if you abandon it at a shelter). 

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