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Party at the Park

Dog parks are not for every dog.

Some dogs are too shy and don't like a lot of new and different dogs approaching them.

Some dogs are too boisterous and don't know how to back away from a shy or non-playful dog.

Some dogs have unusual social skills that lead them to misread other dogs' cues, or trigger other dogs to behave badly toward them.

Of course, any bitch in heat, or dog of either sex which is aggressive, should never go to the park. Nor should any dog which will not recall to its owner.

You'll also need to be prepared to carry your dog's leash and pick up after your dog, like you would anywhere in public.

Capra usually goes to the park every other day or so to

I use a leash that can be clipped to itself and worn cross body, and carry a bag dispenser and small, weatherproof wallet attached to the leash.

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