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FastCAT for Fast Dogs

In our excitement about Taai-Taai finishing his Championship, we forgot to post about Capra's BCAT.

FastCAT (short for "coursing ability test") is basically a 100 yard dash for dogs. A lure (usually a plastic bag or stuffed toy) is pulled by a string and the dog chases it. In FastCAT it's 100 yards in a straight line. In other forms of coursing, it's a longer loop or figure-8 shape course.

It's super easy - you bring two slip leads and your dog. You need someone to release your dog (and you to catch them at the far end), but if you can't bring a friend, you can often find a buddy at the event who will release your dog if you release theirs.

To earn a BCAT title a dog needs 150 points. Large dogs get 1 point for every mile-per-hour they run. Capra earned his BCAT in 6 runs, averaging over 25 mph per run.

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