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Dogs need exercise, of course. We often go to a park 

- on lead or off - when the dogs can run for an hour at a time.  

Sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate. Some owners - temporarily or permanently - can’t run or bike with their dogs.  what do you do in that case? 

Well, indoor training sessions work the body and mind. You can train new skills or polish old ones. You can use puzzle toys to serve food, do that mealtime is a game.  You can set your dog to follow scents (scentwork and tracking) to use a skill that is highly developed in dogs but often under utilized in dogs. 

Dogs can accompany you on almost any outdoor activity - be it goofing in the yard while you work in landscaping, or running along while you hike, bike, ski, snowshoe, or otherwise trek across country.  

While I don’t recommend treadmills as the primary exercise method for a dog’s entire life, it can be a useful tool to keep a dog fit during bad weather, or if the owner has a period when they cannot be athletic themselves.  

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