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Capra has been getting a lot of socialization.

For dogs, it is critical to their development to meet new situations, people, and animals in the first four months of life. During this time, their brains are learning what is normal for them - who they can expect to encounter, where they will go, and what they will do.

If your dog has never seen a particular animal or person (including, for example, "people in hats" or "people of color") before he is 4 months old, he will more likely be scared of it, because he sees it as foreign or abnormal.

So far we have managed to meet horses, donkeys, Barbado sheep, raccoons, ferrets, dogs, cats, and a lot of people. So many different people.

He has been open and curious and has been learning to find other animals, situations and people interesting and fun, not scary. We have traveled by car and airplane. We have stayed in several crates at home, at work, at a vet clinic, and in a hotel. We have gone to dog events.

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