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Available Adult Dogs - Kate
Placement Pending


Through no fault of her own, Kate is looking for a new home. Her owner had a health issue and she came back to me temporarily, but she will be unable to be re-incorporated to her prior home. Kate is great with kids and dogs, but she will do best in a home that does not have cats or other small animals. She would make a great performance dog (fast cat, barn hunt, agility, obedience, etc). 

Kate is a 9 month old puppy who will likely grow to be a moderate girl around 50 lbs. She is low uric acid so she has a very low risk of urinary stones (about the same as any other non-Dalmatian). She has bilateral hearing and normal eyes. 

Kate will make a great family pet. She is an energetic, playful dog who loves to learn and be active and involved.  She is currently in the show ring and making great progress towards her championship.  She will be only be placed in a home willing to return her to us for breeding. If such a home is not available, she will simply live with us until she is fully retired from showing and breeding. 

We require applications for placement. Only serious inquiries with applications will be considered. 



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