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Available Adult Dogs - Grant

grant head shot.jpg

Grant is an 11 month old puppy who had to retire from the performance dog lifestyle due to an accident causing an athletic injury to one of his legs.  We anticipate a good recovery for him to be a loving pet with a full life span, but he will no longer be suitable for the intense athleticism of dog sports such as agility.

Grant will likely grow to be a very large boy, similar to his sire, who is about 75 lbs. He is low uric acid so he has a very low risk of urinary stones (about the same as any other non-Dalmatian). He has bilateral hearing and normal eyes.

Grant will make a great family pet. He could also do low intensity activities such as Rally Obedience, Trick Dog, Therapy, or other low-impact dog sports. He is an energetic, playful dog who loves to learn and be active and involved.

25 June 2020 Update: Grant went to see an orthopedic specialist today. While he was not overtly lame today, he does still have some possible slight instability in his stifle (knee) joint.  We will be continuing watchful waiting and careful rest/rehabilitation to try to preserve and restore his athletic function.

He will be available once we have addressed his injury and he has recovered sufficiently for travel. We will accept applications but not move forward to place him until he has recovered sufficiently (likely in or after September 2020). Additional information will be posted as he progresses.  (Note: We will not respond to 'is he available' emails; this profile will be removed when he is placed.)

Sept 2020 Update: He will be having surgery on one of his hind legs (his stifle, for something similar to a partial ACL tear in humans) this autumn, and will be placed around Christmas or New Years or early 2021 as he recovers.

November 2020 update: Grant developed 'happy tail' (wagged his tail in his kennel until the tip of the tail was injured), and that is in the process of healing in a larger pen now that he is able to be in a larger pen and out playing more.

Jan 2021 update: Grant's happy tail recurred on the show circuit but he now has one major toward his Champion title (requires 2 majors and a total of 15 points). He is ready to go to a pet home that can manage his tail.  If confinement is needed, we recommend a large (e.g. 6x6 foot) pen rather than a crate so that his enthusiastic wagging doesn't hit the sides of the pen.

We require applications for placement. Only serious inquiries with applications will be considered.

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