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Recommended Reading


Perfect Puppy In Seven Days

Sophia Yin, DVM, MS

The ultimate quick-start guide to get you and your puppy started right! Click here to order on


How To Behave So Your Dog Behaves

Sophia Yin, DVM, MS

A great guide for dog owners from an amazing veterinarian and behaviorist. Click here to order on


So Your Bitch Is Pregnant

Eleanor Green Winters

Comprehensive guide to whelping and raising puppies. A handy guide for the novice and experienced bitch owner. Written by an experienced Dalmatian breeder.   Click here to order on


Puppy Culture Bundle - Puppy Owners

Jane Killion

A great set of tools to socialize your puppy and help them get a great start in life. Click here to order on


Really Reliable Recall

Leslie Nelson

Teach your dog to come when called! This is a critical skill so that your dog will return to you if it is ever loose, or you need to get your dog to return from the field.  Click here to order on


Mine! - A Practical Guide To Resource Guarding

Jean Donaldson

Have you ever had dogs that growl or fight over food? Toys? Attention? Wish you knew how to handle that? This guide teaches you how. Click here to order on


Culture Clash: A new way of understanding...

Jean Donaldson

An overview of some of the differences between the way dogs and humans view the world, which can help you understand your dog better. Click here to order on


The Other End Of The Leash

Patricia B. McConnell, PhD

This book examines why humans act toward dogs the way we do, and how we can better tell our canine partners what we want. Click here to order on


The Puppy Primer

Patricia B. McConnell, PhD

How to start your puppy off right! Click here to order on


Don't Shoot The Dog: The Art of Teaching & Training

Karen Pryor

Using positive reinforcement (rewards) to teach your dog. If you've never clicker trained or used this method before, it's a game-changer! Click here to order on


¡No lo mates-enséñale! : el arte de enseñar y adiestrar

Karen Pryor

Como modificar el comportomiento de tu animal de compania, tus hijos, tu jefe, tus amigos, ....todo ello utilizando los principos del reforzamiento postivio. Haga clic aquí para ordenar en

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