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May 26, 2019

Does your dog eat too fast? Does your dog sometimes want to play a little more than your busy schedule allows? Puzzle toys make a game out of meal time and allow your dog to have a little fun and mental work. 

Easy to use, easy to clean, they take only seconds...

May 18, 2019

With Qualifying scores in Rally, Barn Hunt, FastCAT, and Road Trial, Capra earned a Triathlete Award at DCA 2019

May 15, 2019

We got great photos by Mark Baer of Capra running about 28 mph! 

May 14, 2019

While the day was sunny and cool, it was a mud fest after several consecutive days of rain.  Capra got his first Novice Q!

He was doing a great job indicating, but his first indication was so far away from the rat, I couldn't identify the tube location (far side o...

May 11, 2019

He got second place in RDA at the 2019 DCA National Specialty Road Trial. As with any canine event, it was volunteer-run and not without hiccups, but the day was beautiful, and the ride lovely!

May 5, 2019

Capra and Taai Taai are headed to the Dalmatian Club of America National competition where Capra will compete in performance and Taai Taai in Conformation. Taai Taai is unlikely to win but he will show off his beautiful personality!

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