8 Capra x Mia Puppies

Over a relatively smooth and quick 7 hour whelp, Mia produced 3 males (2 blacks, 1 liver) and 5 females (3 blacks, 2 livers). All are good sized puppies and heartily nursing today.

CHIC number for Mia

It took a little time but it finally came through. As always, you want to choose puppies from litters in which BOTH parents have at LEAST the minimum recommended testing by OFA and their parent breed clubs.

Home Stretch!

The last 3 weeks of pregnancy and the first 3 weeks of puppy life are when the pups are at most risk of infection. This weekend's barn hunt practice will be the last public place we go for a while to help protect Mia and the puppies.

Puppy Pedigree

The upcoming litter may have liver (chocolate brown) and/or black spotted puppies, boys and/or girls, and of course, LUA and/or HUA puppies. Here's some photos of Mia & Capra, and the pedigree.



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